Friday, May 22, 2009


Whilst I was trying to do my essay on comparisons of post- colonialism and feminism within the scope of two novels, in a mere 2000 words I came across this jewelry designer. And cummed. basically, not really, maybe in brain only. 

Oh my flippin heck these baby's are beautiful. 

Not only is the designer, Delfina Delettrez, only nineteen but she is the heir of Fendi. 
Holla child, you have money and creative genius. Bitch. 

You're looking at spending anywhere from EU 400 - 8572875235874 or something, for these pieces. I think I'd quite happily sell my soul for the black nailed ring though. If only someone wanted to buy it???

Blog wars? Pussies personified?

Can we please have a face to face fight please guys?
All of you would lose. Hipsters vs crack heads. No one. You all skinny as. I'd prob whoop all your asses.
You would all melt into a puddle of witchy shit.

(Oh hold on, You're better than that... because you are battling with wit!!!! I geddit mumma! i geddit!!!!)

Grow up. 

Stop hating over the Tasman sea. Or the desert road.
Hipster factions are bordella. Blah blah blah. Interesting to read yes. 
But are you hurting peoples feelings? I think Kelvin and Bri Bri are a bit hurt. And I like them.
I am not taking either side, by the way.
At least i don't work for a law firm in Parnell is all I can say. 
Or being 17 again.
that would fucking.suck. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

steal this stole

pretty awesome alternative to a fur stole
got this picture from

I am on minimum wage. I have been on minimum wage since i was 14 cept for a stint last year when i was on fifteen bucks. I was living a lush life on that wage i tell you what. 
Features of being on minimum wage include; using the company phone to make "business calls", thinking about what you could steal/borrow from work so you don't have to buy it, thinking about ways you can supplement your income and a growing resentment of your dick head boss combined with a general careless, carefree attitude. 
Things you can buy with one hours wage include; six cans of coke, shampoo but not the conditioner, half a top up card (vodafone), rental of six DVDs if you can scab a buck oh and sweet fuck all. 
One day i'm going to be some shits boss but i will be really nice to them and give them gifts so they feel too guilty to steal from me and obliged to work really hard. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

i say tomahtoe you say mutahtoe

This is a siamese tomato. Bob found it at Moore Willy. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

some more pictures to look at


This is for models on de catwalk so they know how to walk right. I think it is from Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah Miller's label which i think is called Twenty8Twelve. It is not so mean.

oh! here he is again!

This lady looks mean! from de 80s

McDonalds! Bandits! Revenge! (Sophie's) Mum's Car! M.O.P!

Dream teaparty, maybe booze, lollies, cupcakes, girls only.

If i was to wear this i could come out looking like some dumb rich kid in Morocco but she looks mean on de cat walk.

This lady looks like you would not mess with her. But she would be a mean root.

ohh this is mean

this is pretty and a brain teaser

I don't want this but i respect him for wearing it and lols a beehive! and also Wellington pride

I know i like this cos i would put it on my wall. This is from a mean blog by this English chick who i think is real rich, she goes to Paris heaps. She takes beautiful pictures. July stars it is called. Google it man.

gimme, gimme, gimme!

(sorry i know i should be like image from here but don't memba)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ratio of girls to boys in Wellington, and maybe the world = 38479834729 : 0.
I don't know the actual stats but my eyes inform me that it's actually 10 girls to every guy.
The end product is girls either with ugly guys, or lesbians.
The even worse by-product of this is the way boys can get away with treating girls like shit, because there are about 6 other hoes lining up to take her place. Cheating must but statistically more viable in towns like this.
Another negative by-product is the 'sassy girl' that would NOT stand for any whack shit in normal circumstances, but is forced to in this case, out of desperation. Speaking from experience, desperation is a MOTHAFUCKIN KILLAH.


Someone needs to rape some country towns for their hot, gentlemanly, toned, stoic (not emotional wrecked) guys. AND THEN DRESS THEM.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

friends like familia


This is Joe I miss him.

This is Jono he is pretty. and went to Kings college.

This is M.O.P and me wearing an ironic weed scarf. lol

This is when Robin forgot to put clothes on and Helen stepped in.

This is girls trying to do men's work and being confused.

this is us partying because i was leaving.

This is us reinacting helens virginty loss on whangamata beach.

1) All my friends are hot

2) They all dress cool

3) They are the most supportive people ever.

4) They are funny and intelligent and wise and caring.

They are like the best family ever and I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Here is some of my friends and our history.