Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog wars? Pussies personified?

Can we please have a face to face fight please guys?
All of you would lose. Hipsters vs crack heads. No one. You all skinny as. I'd prob whoop all your asses.
You would all melt into a puddle of witchy shit.

(Oh hold on, You're better than that... because you are battling with wit!!!! I geddit mumma! i geddit!!!!)

Grow up. 

Stop hating over the Tasman sea. Or the desert road.
Hipster factions are bordella. Blah blah blah. Interesting to read yes. 
But are you hurting peoples feelings? I think Kelvin and Bri Bri are a bit hurt. And I like them.
I am not taking either side, by the way.
At least i don't work for a law firm in Parnell is all I can say. 
Or being 17 again.
that would fucking.suck.