Tuesday, May 5, 2009

some more pictures to look at


This is for models on de catwalk so they know how to walk right. I think it is from Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah Miller's label which i think is called Twenty8Twelve. It is not so mean.

oh! here he is again!

This lady looks mean! from de 80s

McDonalds! Bandits! Revenge! (Sophie's) Mum's Car! M.O.P!

Dream teaparty, maybe booze, lollies, cupcakes, girls only.

If i was to wear this i could come out looking like some dumb rich kid in Morocco but she looks mean on de cat walk.

This lady looks like you would not mess with her. But she would be a mean root.

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  1. She does look like she would be a mean root. hi nice to meet you by the way.