Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am on minimum wage. I have been on minimum wage since i was 14 cept for a stint last year when i was on fifteen bucks. I was living a lush life on that wage i tell you what. 
Features of being on minimum wage include; using the company phone to make "business calls", thinking about what you could steal/borrow from work so you don't have to buy it, thinking about ways you can supplement your income and a growing resentment of your dick head boss combined with a general careless, carefree attitude. 
Things you can buy with one hours wage include; six cans of coke, shampoo but not the conditioner, half a top up card (vodafone), rental of six DVDs if you can scab a buck oh and sweet fuck all. 
One day i'm going to be some shits boss but i will be really nice to them and give them gifts so they feel too guilty to steal from me and obliged to work really hard. 


  1. hahaha. Oh god my coffee now costs me fourty minutes of work. Oh dear.

  2. At least you're not a sort-of corporate sell-out whore. I used to buy D&G sunglasses when I was on the minimum wage. Now, I don't technically own any of my stuff, and had beans for dinner every night this week.

  3. Actually, that's not as bad as I tried to make it sound, I'd hate to dissuade you from having aspirations of a healthier income, if that's what you care for. I'm just grumpy