Saturday, April 18, 2009

Apple bottom jeans.

I have two days of mummy-less time on my hands in which I am left to my own devices in the country. Sunday and Monday mumma martin works so I slept in as much as I could so the day would be shorter, but I am still left with alot of time. I started a book which is medium good. I discovered they get C4 out here which is exiting and strange seeing as they cant get broadband Internet, which is not exiting it is dumb. Also how do we change the time zone on this thing so our blogs are correctly labeled with the time in which they were written?

I was thinking about tattoo's and how I regret the horse shoe on my hand. And then i felt sick and worried because I cant just rub it off. I am so Rip Shit and Bust I blow my own mind.

I was also thinking about how ugly Gerbera's are as flowers, and how the gerbera coupled with the toad green VDUB is not a vestige of the nineties I wish to bring back.

Also, last night the neighbour's daughter had her 21st birthday party out here which I thought was an irony saved for me, seeing as i had mine out here. I guess she didn't mean for it to be ironic or quaint having her 21st out in the cunt-ry, seeing as she lives out here 24/7. It was pretty funny listening to the bass emanating from which I could hum along 'shorty got the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur...' and then the contrasting live music which consisted of the worst noises i have ever heard in my life. It was somewhere between linkin park ( i know i should like that part ) and 8 foot sitiva but all out of time. There were two singers harmonizing whiny American accents with throaty deathmetal screams. This was all pretty lol until it was past 1 and i wanted to sleep.

C4 tyme playa.

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