Monday, April 20, 2009

If you hang around dumb people too long, you'll get dumb.

Who am I to judge dumb people and intelligence in general?

No one.

But you're reading this, so shut the fuck up.

I want to look specifically at my idea of intelligence. I think I judge people within about, two min's of talking to them. This is subconscious of course. I think my brain computes vocabulary and general eloquence of speech to determine that persons intelligence. That's how it (my brain) judges it at first anyway. I surround myself with people who are fairly similar in my standard of intelligence, as is only natural. Maybe my personal judgements spring from the fact that my mother was a speech language therapist, or maybe because I study literature and read a hell of alot. I don't know. I'm shocking at grammar etc and still used spell check, I'm in no way placing my self at the pinnacle of my own judgements. I suck.

But its funny how that works. And that this is how I personally judge intelligence. My 'method' is not my only way, I'm by no means stating I cannot see intelligence in its other forms. Its also not to say that someone who cannot string pretty sentences together is not intelligent. DUH not what I'm saying. Its all relative anyway. and this is relative to ME. shameola.


I know a person that springs to mind in the words ' hang around dumb people too long, and you'll get dumb'. This person is naturally very intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge and an interest in many things. But they persist in hanging around idiots. When ever this person has been thrown into a conversation with me and my more 'talky' (intelligent and spouting opinion) friends they have excelled and grasped all the fundamental elements of the humour and points of the conversation. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. but they just hangout with the biggest douchbags in the universe. This persons dumb friends will eventually squash their natural intelligence.You cannot save them all.
Judge your friends carefully because:

Life's a peach, and then you die.


  1. LOL. read your headline you. so apt.
    gosh i love.

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  3. re-read sucker. i noticed before anyone but you hopefully and edited. lol ironic. lol