Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Muddy Aliens

Ok girls,
Here is a little tip. How about we rub our make up in??
I don't know how the fuck you miss this shit in the mirror, but it is utterly, and totally unacceptable. 
Was talking to penny about it last night, and if you are going to choose to be unnaturally orange, please make it a consistent hue. 
Heres a tip; the most common area left un-blended is around the chin. Girls, your face is not actually a separate entity from your neck, and thus needs to be blended accordingly. 
Yesterday I served a girl that looked like a muddy alien, hence the title of this post. Her bone structure could not be helped, however her doggy weave and caked on mud mug could have.

I am trying to help you. Why wont you let me??

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