Monday, April 20, 2009


So, at the dinner table we had chicken on the list of conversation.
Not your average chicken though, Dinky and Bluey. These are two of the roosters which have grown from the brood of chicks henrietta or one of them hatched. The problem being that there is already Peter to fertilize the eggs and look after the crew. Dinky and Bluey have been bad bad cocks, they have been raping and pillaging the hens and now something needs to be done.


So they need to be killed.
so they need to be killed!!
That's totally fine with me, i see the necessity of their lives being taken and have never been one to coddle ugly animals like chickens so meh. ( plus I'm not stupid enough to realise meat doesn't grow on trees)

Heeeerres where we hit our problem...
Mum ( being a pussy ) and Kiaran ALSO A PUSSY??!!

they then proceeded to talk me through chopping its head off with a machete and holding it upside down to let the blood drain. HOLD ON!!!
no way.
not what I signed up for in my retreat to the mother country. I understand I'm in the country but I'm VISITING!
I'm happy with my city clicker status.
although I am considering it for the experience and tough kudos I'll get.



  1. DO IT!!

    + take photos = awesome blog.

  2. if you dont ill have to hack off your head and let the blood drain as i dangle you upside down

  3. 'Capital punishment is always wrong' - some liberal douchebag friend of yours.

  4. mum changed her mind. She said she's going to make Kiaran do it because i'll fuck it up. thanks ma. la you too.
    Jono was your comment directed at courtney's comment about killing me or my blog? because killing a chicken does not constitute as capital punishment.

  5. lame. i was so looking forward to the blog about the actual killing of a chicken.