Monday, April 20, 2009



Ok so. not fair, they decided to not tell me when they were killing bluey.I don't think they liked the bloodthirsty glint in my eye. So i was alerted to their plans by bluey himself getting caught and creating a mighty hullabaloo.

At which point I dashed down the drive in my crocs in time to see Kiaran chopping, 1,2,3 chops.


wow man it is true what they say about headless chickens they bounce along fine without their heads. really interesting. anyway after getting sick of my moaning Kezza said i could pluck it.


you have to put de chicky in the bucket then pour de boiling water over de chicky to loosen de feathers.

then you pluck. It was easy. I was a little grossed out when the water started partially cooking the skin of the chicken which then started coming off in chunks with the feathers if i wasn't careful.

The smell was not the bomb. boiling feathers?? yuck.

Mum had a wee cry. oh dear.

I didn't. In fact I rather enjoyed it.

Please feel free to leave your small children or animals in my company.

Thanks mum for the flattering photo. I look reeeeeeeeeeeal purrrdy.
ciao xx

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