Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work ethics

Anyone who knows me, and lots who don't, know where I work.
The snobbery surrounding retail is not a thing to be laughed at. I met a girl at a party once, and we got along great. I could tell she was a bitch to alot of people but was too scared to venture that treatment on me. For some unknown reason she seemed to view me as; on her plane or above her, in the self prescribed 'cool' hierarchies of her brain. Anyway some how it came out where I worked and I still remember the surprise and following audible down grading of me in her tone. She may have even physically walked away from me. It didn't bother me as she had a furry face anyway and it was distracting to look at when trying to talk to her.


point = HELLO I am not summed up by my part time job. This job is not something anyone has the right to judge me on. I work at this place to earn money while i study at university. With varying degrees of irony I will add. And sometimes not. I don't hate it there at all, and that is not something with which people have the right to judge me by either. Just because I don't work at Hunter and Collectors..... or say; Kate Sylvestor or Zambesi does not mean the job I work in reflects my ideas in fashion or anything for that matter. It neither means people who do work in these formally said places have any idea how to dress themselves, or a better idea than me or say, Penny, who is in the same boat.

Also having to lie to girls through to old women about things such as pleather mini skirts looking good on them, is not easy. My job is not easy. But it pays the god dam rent.

Know me before you judge me. lol.