Thursday, April 30, 2009


Not only is she probably one of the most beautiful creatures that has graced this earth (if i were to go back to the puss B you'd be the first to know) but she got TALENT.
This is not an ironic post, not trying to be all LOL all over the show. I actually believe this 'diva' has some valuable nuggets in her noggin.
She's in love with her radio. Why don't you love her, when she makes her so easy to love? a diva is a female of a hustler. HOLLA
But actually. 'I am Sasha Fierce' is the bomb. I've had this on my IPOD for a while without fully appreciating its genius. This bitch is the queen of pop man. These beats are way better than the shit on B-DAY. Wish there was more colab with cool rappers but I can get over it because her voice is like honey. The song halo. uhh beautiful notes hit there. wonderful beyonce, 5 gold stars from Amelia.
LOL but nah kind of serious.

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