Tuesday, April 28, 2009

me boots, they not made for walkin'!

Today I am gutted for many reasons.
1. I wore my new boots for the first time, got halfway down my driveway and realised I could hardly walk in them. But decided to try anyway.
2. The bus was late, which, ordinarily, wouldn't be too much of a problem coz I'm pretty good at walking up the hill as fast as I wanna.
3. Since I had my new boots on it took me a much longer time to walk up to uni. And it hurt. And I kept thinking the whole time that everyone was looking at me and laughing at the girl who couldn't walk in heels. I'm usually really good at walking in heels, honest!
4. Since it took me longer to walk, and the bus was late I missed my doctor's appointment. Couldn't get another til next week. That was my main reason for going to uni today since I have no classes.
5. Got to the library, went on computer and realised that in my hurry to run to get the (late anyway) bus I hadn't sent myself my reading notes for the assignment I'm working on. Which is due tomorrow. So basically I couldn't do any work.
6. Realised I had just wasted an hour and a half to hurt my feet, get sweaty, feel embarrassed, and have the doctor's receptionist tell me to be more organised. Grrrr!!!!
This is where I would usually put: 7. Spent $20 on a taxi to get home to save myself time, pain and humiliation .... BUT....
I had the nicest taxi driver ever! He was this old Greek Grandfather who is Wellington's longest serving taxi driver - 44 years! And he only charged me $15 and told me about how he was an eternal optimist and how my name means 'brilliance'.
How can you argue with that? I couldn't. And I'm not gutted anymore... maybe just a little bit about the boots...

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  1. I like your blog. I'm waiting for your new posts.